Below are clips from orchestral pieces that have been performed but not recorded for distribution on CD or Download.

Second Symphony
San Jose Symphony
Conducted by George Cleve

First Movement

Second Movement

Third Movement

Fourth Movement

From These States
Syracuse Symphony

1. Laying the Rails

2. Source of the Tennessee

3. The Sunless Pines

4. The Saluda Barn Dance

5. The Cliff Dwellers (No Ancient Cliffs, These)

6. Wizard Oil

7. Storm Over Huron

8. Lullaby to a Sick Child

9. Polly's Murder

10. Hickory Gap

11. The Timberline Express

Second Piano Concerto
Berkeley Symphony
Piano - Julie Steinberg
Conductor - Kent Nagano

1. Sostenuto - Risoluto

2. Moderato

3. Tranquillo

4. Vivace